Thailand is a very good base camp or base country for your travels thorough South East Asia. While the surrounding countries (except Malaysia) requires a visa for most western tourists, Thailand offers a free 30 day ”visa on arrival” (visa free passport stamp) to many nationalities. This means that you can easily start in Thailand and travel to one or more surrounding countries and come back in Thailand again.The facilities for tourists like hotels, restaurants, transport, English and other languages on the roads signs, local travel agencies, ATM’s, night life etc. are very good and not to expensive. Thailand has many local airports with cheap low cost airlines. The Suvarnabhumi airport of Bangkok is one of the most modern ones in the world and a mayor hub for intercontinental flights. This makes Thailand a ideal start and end point for your round-trip through South East Asia.



Hitting the road on a scooter bike while carrying a polish army backpack in Lopburi province, Thailand.


For traveling you need some travel equipment. Besides a bag or suitcase this can also be all kind of accessories. After buying a Polish Army Backpack at the Chatujak market in Bangkok and using it on a scooter-bike trip a huge interest in other ex-army backpacks was wakened.

The enjoyment of traveling starts at home when researching your future destinations, buying your travel gear and packing your bags. Hopefully this website helps you to find lots of inspiration for your traveling throughout Thailand and the rest of Asia.

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