Old temples in one of the former capital cities of Thailand. The most famous and influential king who reign from this city was king Ramkhamhaeng (reign from 1275-1317). He developed the first Thai script (Siamese alphabet). In the park is a giant sculpture of him with a book.

There is the new Sukhothai city and the old Sukhothai city. Both are a few kilometres away from each other. The old city is now a historical park with beautiful Buda sculptures, stupa’s and temples. The grass fields, water canals, flowers and plants in the park are beautiful and well maintained. Two kilometres outside the park is the giant Buda of Wat Si Chum. The old city of Sukhothai is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site Historic Town of Sukhothai and Associated Historic Towns. The associated towns are Si Satchanalai Historical Park and Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park.

Although it is possible to rent a bicycle in the historical park it is a good idea to book a guided tour on a mountain-bike. The bikes are more suitable for tall westerners and have gears and suspension. The guide will provide you with good background information an can take you off the beaten tracks.


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Parc historique de Sukhothai - Wat Sa Si
Wat Sa Si, Sukhothai. Source: Flickr,
Wat Si Chum, Sukhothai, Thailand. Flickr, Ronan Crowley
Traditional dancers in front of Wat Si Chum, Sukhothai, Thailand. Source: Flickr, Ronan Crowley