Koh Kood

Although Koh Kood is the fourth island in size (25km x 12km) it remains less developed and less visited by mass tourism. The island is approximately 315 km away from Bangkok and 80 km offshore. Ko Kood is as much a nature lover’s destination as a beach lover’s paradise. Parts of the island are still covered with virgin tropical rainforest while other parts are covered with palm groves and rubber plantations. The island is quite with only small scale nightlife, no go-go bars, no ATMs, no banks and not a single seven/11 supermarket. But there are a few luxury beach resorts. The island is in Trat province and can be reached from Trat city. It is also possible to reach Koh Kood by ferry from Koh Chang island which is located north west of Koh Kood. This island is the most eastern one and the closest to the border with Cambodia. From Trat city it is also possible to travel into Cambodia over land. Sihanoukville is a popular destination in Cambodia.

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Hanging Kayak. Source; Flickr, Momo
Hanging Kayak. Source: Flickr, Momo
Shantaa, Koh Kood. Source: Flickr, Espen Aaeng
Shantaa, Koh Kood. Source: Flickr, Espen Aaeng