The Lampang is a city in Northern Thailand, one hour driving from Chiang Mai. It is the capital city of Lampang province. Together wit Chiang mai and Chiang Rai it was one of the major cities in the ancient Lanna Kingdom. Traces of this old kingdom and it’s culture can still be found in the north of Thailand. Lampang is the only city in Thailand where you can still make a ride on a horse cart. This is why the Thai people call this city Meuang Rot Maa; Horsecart city. The city is small in size and has a population of only 60.000. It still is an interesting place for its surroundings and the culture. The city is real authentic Thai with even some old wooden houses and shops still to be found.

You can reach Lampbang by airplane or train from Bangkok (600 km). But most convenient is visiting this city when you’re on a bus ride to the North of the country or from Chiang Mai.

Lampang is also home to the only hospital for sick and wounded elephants; The Friends of the Asian Elephant Foundation.

Friends of the Asia Elephant foundation 01
A wounded elephant with a leg prosthesis at the Friends for the Asian Elephant foundation hospital. Source: Facebook.

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