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Dutch Army daypack Olive green

Dutch Army backpack used by the Dutch Airforce. Waterproof coating inside the bag. Attaching clips on the shoulder straps for a Rotota bag to be worn in front of you. Backpack shoulder straps are adjustable and filled with soft foam. Bag is made from strong sturdy material. Very hard to find version of the Dutch army daypack.










Dutch Army daypack dessert camoflage

Very hard to find version of the Dutch Army daypack. One of the inside seperation walls is removed so that the bag has one big storage compartment and one laptop / document compartment. Backpack shoulder straps are adjustable and filled with soft foam. The bag has some minor dirt marks on top. Luckily this blends in with the camouflage pattern.







Austrian army small pack

Small backpack from the Austrian army. Can be worn as a backpack and also as a butt-pack when attached with Allice clips to a belt. If you are handy you can also attach a shoulder strap to the sides of the bag to use it as a messenger / shoulder bag. Measurements: 33 x 25 x 11 cm












Austrian army main pack

Austrian army “Alice Pack” with original harness. Rucksack itself is brand new / unissued. Straps of the harness are used. Made from nylon. One internal pocket in the main compartment, 3 outer pouches.












German Mountain troops backpack

Classic vintage backpack from the (West) German mountain troops aka Gebirgsjäger. Backpack is made of canvas material and aluminum buckles. On top is webbing that can be seen as an early Molle development. 2 side pockets and one front pocket. Under the cover lid and inside the bag are also pockets. Measurements main compartment: 20 x 33 x 38 cm











Quechua Arpenaz 40

Quechua Arpenaz 40 backpack. Lightweight and simple design. Shoulder straps and back are padded. Internal “frame” from flexible material to maintain the shape. Minimalist hip belt that does the job. Backpack is used but in fully functional condition. For some reason the Arpenaz 30 is sold at much more places then the Arpenaz 40. So here is your opportunity to buy the 40. Size: 55 x 28 x 20 cm








ARWY Sting backpack

ARWY Sting backpack used by the Dutch army. Robust backpack with lots of possibilities to attach other gear. Solid grip handle in front of the backpack and solid hoisting loop on the backside. Side pouches can be removed from the main pack and zippered into a small day pack. Shoulder straps can be ajusted in hight for comfortable wearing. Main pack is 50 to 55 liter, side pouches are 10 liter each.






German army backpack (Mountain troops)

Sold out everywhere but we managed to find a few of these original backpacks. Not a replica but a original high quality German backpack worn by the mountain troops aka Gebirgsjäger. Top lid and lids of the side pockets are waterproofed with a thick rubber coating. Bottom is also waterproofed / made more resistant against abrasion with a thick rubber coating. The inner pocket in the main compartment is designed to hold a so called German foldable sleeping mat. Measurements: 45 x 30 x 21 cm




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US Army style duffel bag for traveling

Soldiers in the army have usually something like a kit-bag, see sack, weekend bag or duffel bag. This not to use in the combat field but to take all their clothing and gear from army base to army base or from their barracks to home during weekends. These bags are usually very simple. In case of a duffel bag it is usually a one compartment bag with rings and a clip to close it instead of zippers. Most duffel bags have just one strap to throw over your shoulders. The US army duffel bag however is one of the few designs with two straps so that it can be worn as a (improvised) backpack. To improve the possibility of carrying the duffel bag as a backpack the bag has a rectangular shape instead of a cylindrical shape. A round shape will flip sidewards all the time when you have it on your back. A flat shape will be much more stable.

US army (style) duffle

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The floating raft resorts of Kanchanaburi

Staying in a hotel that floats on the water can be done at several places in Thailand. The two most popular places to go are Khao Sok National Park and Kanchanaburi Province. Kanchanaburi province is only a few hours from Bangkok and therefore very popular. The floating hotels at the banks of the river Kwai are very well known among tourists. Most likely due to the 1957’s classic war movie ”Bridge over the river Kwai”. In Bangkok you can find many companies offering short trips to Kanchanaburi that include one ore more nights at a floating hotel. Far lesser known is the Srinakarin Lake. This lake was formed after the building Thailands third largest dam;  the Srinagarind Dam (also known as the Srinakarin Dam) on the Kwai Yai River. The dam was built in order to avoid floods and to ensure water and electricity supply to the area’s residents. On this lake you”ll also find a lot of floating hotels. These are mostly visited by Thai people. Some even have only a name in Thai alphabet. Probably due to the larger distance to Bangkok and usually the need of private transport this lake is often overlooked by foreign tourists.

Saiyokview resort 04
One of the floating hotels (Saiyok View Resort) at the river Kwai in Kanchanaburi. Source: Facebook

The following list contains only the hotels, guesthouses and resorts that have a website, Facebook page or other online presence. Many resorts are 100% floating accommodations and hotel facilities. Others have both floating raft houses and bungalows on the river banks. The websites, YouTube movies and Facebook pages behind the links in this article are very often in Thai language only.

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