Phu Kradueng

A 60 square kilometer cool and sometimes cold mountain plateau in the north east Isaan region of Thailand. More exactly it is in the Loei province near the border with Laos. The highest point in this park lays 1316 meter above sea level. Many people make a hike over an old trail up the mountain. Porters can take your luggage up for a small fee. The type off accommodation that can be rented are canvas tents. Due to the elevation between 1200 and 1500 meter above sea level the weather is unusual cool for Thai and South East Asian circumstances. In December and January the temperature can even drop below freezing point at night. Many Thai people go to this National Park to experience the cold weather once in their lifetime. People are even seen with woolen hats and gloves. The vegetation is similar to the north of Europe. The park is usually closed during the raining season (June 1st – September 30th). On one hand this is to protect the nature. On the other hand it is very hot in this time of the year and not many visitors are going to the National Parks.

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