Here are some products that are useful items for traveling. Bringing the right equipment can make your life at the road a lot easier.




Dutch army fouldable rubbel bowl

Easy to do a quick hand-wash. Will fit a pair of socks, a short and a T-shirt. Original army issued.




Flight bag
The flight-bag from the Dutch company Lowland outdoor ticks all the boxes; lightweight, inexpensive, protection against theft, strong and a simple design.

Lowland Outdoor Flightbag compilation

The Buff is a thoroughly versatile travel item. It can act as a scarf, a sun and dust blocker on a scooter bike, a head band, a wrist band, a bandana, a blindfold for sleeping and probably many more usages. Although there are much cheaper variants of this item on the market we strongly recommended the Original Buff.


Coffee make system: Philips Travel Duo

Other useful items that you might want to buy are:

  • Small power bank
  • Laundry bag
  • Small stuff bag
  • 3-weg stekker
  • neck scarf / small towel
  • sunglasses for on a scooter-bike