Koh Phayam

Koh Phayam is one of the most undiscovered islands of Thailand. Although the island is developing more and more in recent years. The island is very small only 10 km long and 5 km wide and with only about 500 people living on the island. This is one of the few places where you can’t find a 7-Eleven supermarket or a ATM. There are no roads suitable for cars on the island. Motorbikes can be rent at the pier. Electrical power on the island is supplied by solar panels and diesel generators. There are satellite connections and internet connections. The bungalows and resorts on the islands are connected to the mobile phone networks. The island is located on the in the Andaman sea (west coast of Thailand), close to the most southern tip of Myanmar (Burma). The island can be reached from the city of Ranong.

On Koh Phayam you’ll find a unusual mix of backpackers, hippies, couples, silence seekers and people enjoying their retirement. The most famous bar on the island is the Hippy Bar in Buffalo Bay. This looks partly like the front of a wooden ship. All the construction material was found at the beach. Best time to visit the island is from November until February. Outside this season many resorts may be closed. Due to this short high peak season it is not profitable (enough) for big hotel brands to build large scale hotels on the island. Therefore the unspoiled character of Koh Phayam is preserved.

Surfing spots are difficult to find in Thailand and other South East Asian countries but on Koh Phayam it is possible to catch some good waves on a surf board. More information van be found on www.phayamsurfers.com and www.facebook.com/phayamsurf

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Buffalo Bay Koh Phayam. Source, Flickr, Prilfish
Buffalo Bay Koh Phayam. Source, Flickr, Prilfish