Bicycling in Thailand

Bicycling‬ is a very good and comfortable way to go around. You’ll see more than by walking and it doesn’t go that fast that you’ll miss everything around you. The movement on the bicycle will cause a slight breeze and will keep you cooler than you might think. You can stop everywhere for a drink or to make some beautiful pictures.

In and around many tourist destinations in Thailand it is possible to rent a ‪‎bicycle‬ or to book a guided tour. For example in ‪cities of Bangkok, Pattaya‬, and Hua Hin. In the beautiful landscapes around Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai or between the beautiful ancient temples in the historical city of ‪‎Ayuttaya‬ and ‎Sukhothai .

Family travel Thailand: Of the beaten path, Bangkok Bicycle Tour



The team from Sukhothai Bicycle Tour organize and guide tours through the Sukhothai Historical Park and through the quite and peaceful countryside around Sukhothai. The provided mountain-bikes are in excellent condition and suitable for tall western people. For small kids they have small children bikes or special extensions to the bike of one of the adults.

Chiang Rai

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