The floating raft resorts of Kanchanaburi

Staying in a hotel that floats on the water can be done at several places in Thailand. The two most popular places to go are Khao Sok National Park and Kanchanaburi Province. Kanchanaburi province is only a few hours from Bangkok and therefore very popular. The floating hotels at the banks of the river Kwai are very well known among tourists. Most likely due to the 1957’s classic war movie ”Bridge over the river Kwai”. In Bangkok you can find many companies offering short trips to Kanchanaburi that include one ore more nights at a floating hotel. Far lesser known is the Srinakarin Lake. This lake was formed after the building Thailands third largest dam;  the Srinagarind Dam (also known as the Srinakarin Dam) on the Kwai Yai River. The dam was built in order to avoid floods and to ensure water and electricity supply to the area’s residents. On this lake you”ll also find a lot of floating hotels. These are mostly visited by Thai people. Some even have only a name in Thai alphabet. Probably due to the larger distance to Bangkok and usually the need of private transport this lake is often overlooked by foreign tourists.

Saiyokview resort 04
One of the floating hotels (Saiyok View Resort) at the river Kwai in Kanchanaburi. Source: Facebook

The following list contains only the hotels, guesthouses and resorts that have a website, Facebook page or other online presence. Many resorts are 100% floating accommodations and hotel facilities. Others have both floating raft houses and bungalows on the river banks. The websites, YouTube movies and Facebook pages behind the links in this article are very often in Thai language only.

River Kwai Yai

1 The Hub Erawan Resort
Only 15 minutes driving from the famous Erawan Waterfalls. The rooms at the waterfront come with an outdoor bathtub. Besides swimming in the river it is also possible to swim in a swimming pool.

The hub erawan resort compilation
Life is good at the beach river. Source: Facebook
YouTube 01   YouTube 02

2 Ingphupha Resort and Restaurant

3 Maldive Erawan

4 Paeviewer Erawan (แพวิวเวอร์ เอราวัณ)

River kwai Noi

1 Mek Kiri Riverkwai Resort
Only 5 minutes by car from Hin Dad Hotspring.

2 Sai Yok View Raft

Saiyokview resort 03
Saiyok View Resort at dusk. Source: Facebook

3 River Kwai Jungle Rafts Resort
One of the firrst founded floating hotels in the area in 1976. Simple bamboo huts and no electricity. Despite that it is part of luxury hotel chain Serenata Hotels and Resorts Group.
YouTube 01  YouTube 02
YouTube by Mark Wiens
Travelblog by

4 Wang Nokkaew Park View
YouTube 01  YouTube 02
Travel blog from

5 Sai Yok Floatel
If you don’t want to swim in the river you can also swim in their swimming pool that is also floating on the river.

Saiyok Floatel 01
Quite unique: A swimming pool that floats on a river. Source: Facebook

6 FloatHouse River Kwai Resort
One of the more luxury floating resorts in Kanchanaburi. Part of the Serenata hotel group.

The Floathouse river kwai
The Floathouse River Kwai. Source: Facebook

7 ?? Suan Sai Yok Resort
Travelblog on

8 Koh Mueangkarn Paradise View Resort
Instagram 01

9 Boutique Raft Resort River Kwai Hotel

9 Iya Resort ??


11 Banana Resort and Spa
Not exactly a floating hotel but it has easily access to the river with a floating restaurant and areas for swimming.

12 Krit Rafthouse

13 X2 River Kwai Resort
They have floating bungalows but a large portion of the resort is located on the river bank.
YouTube 01 YouTube 02

14 The For Rest Resort
Travelblog by

For-Rest resort Readme
Relaxing in one of the hammocks in front of the rooms of For-Rest Resort. Source:

15 Kwai Tara Riverside Villas

16 Pung-Waan Resort
Large parts of the resorts are on land but they also have a stretch of floating bungalows.

17 Baanpufa Resort
Only a few room floating at the water.

18 Tayan Resort and Spa

19 River Kwai Botanic Delight

20 The Raft Land Resort

21 Baan Rai Darun Home Stay and Scenery Raft

Sinakarin Lake

1 Lake Heaven Resort
Besides a resort this is also a fun park with floating objects.

Lake Heaven Resort Kanchanaburi
Lake Heaven Resort seen from above. Source: Facebook
YouTube 01   YouTube 02

2 Heaven Bay Resort
YouTube 01   YouTube 02

3 Ruknam Resort
YouTube 01   YouTube 02

4 Ananta River Hills Resort
YouTube 01  YouTube 02

Ananta River Hills Resort 01
Floating playground in front of Ananta River Hills Resort. Source: Facebook

5 The tara cape resort

6 Amadard Resort

7 Phu Pai Lake and Resort

8 Raya Buri Resort

9 Paemindmont resort

10 Pufa Engnam Lake Resort
More info on

11 Pufa Lake Resort
Travelblog on

12 Z9 Resort
Very nicely disigned resort with a unique shape of their bungalows.
YouTube 01  YouTube 02
More info: and

Z9 Resort 02

13 Green River Hill Resort

14 The Raft Kanchanaburi
The unique thing about this resort is that the floating houses can be moved to another point of can be pulled by a by VIDSqaure” href=”#45552058″> boat for a tour over the lake.

The Raft Kanchanaburi

1 Khonsoe

16 Baan-Pak-LongPae-Vintage

17 Pae-Lung-Nid

18 Pae Khuean Srinagarin

19 Paevimanloynam resort

20 Sweet Home Floating House
Close to the Sisawat Ferry Terminal. From here you can take the ferry to the other side of the lake. The resort has no electricity.

21 Siam Silver Lake Resort
YouTube 01  YouTube 02

22 Sky lake view resort

23 Petchfa resort

24 paepeetons
Big rafts (party boats) for groups of people.

25 peasumran
Big rafts (party boats) for groups of people.

26 Hornbill hill Resort a.k.a. Phu NokNguk Resort (ภูนกเงือก)
Also here is a inflatable floating fun park. Also the possibility to do canoeing and bamboo rafting.

Hornbill hill Resort Kanchanaburi 02
The colorful floating bungalows at Hornbill (Phu Noknguk) Resort seen from the water. Source: Facebook

Mea Klong

1 Blue Sky Raft Resort
YouTube 01   YouTube 02

Vajiralongkorn Lake

1 The Floatel – Buntern

More info:

Not all of the floating bungalows are in Kanchanaburi

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