Hotels with rooftop swimmingpool at Khaosan Road, Bangkok

Khaosan Road (Thanon Khaosan, ถนนข้าวสาร) is a true backpackers sanctuary with many reasonable priced hotels. Prices between 20 and 50 Euro/dollar are not uncommon. Backpacking doesn’t mean you have to live without the luxuries of life. Some of these hotels even have a swimming pool at the rooftop !

D&D Inn Bangkok

Buddy Lodge Hotel
This hotel has also a fitness room that can be used free of charge when you stay in the hotel. Right next to the Brick Bar and a McDonnalds.

Pool and Fitness access at Buddy Lodge Hotel Bangkok
The finites and swimming pool are also accessible for non hotel guests.

Violet Tower at Khaosan Palace

Rikka Inn

Swimmingpool Rika Inn
Swimmingpool with skyline view from RikkaInn at the Khaosan Road in Bangkok. Source: Facebook

Khaosan Palace

Dang Derm
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Not in the Khaosan Road itself but within a good walking distance:

Chillax Resort

Swimmingpool Chillax Resort
The bar and swimming at Chillax Resort overlooking the skyline of Bangkok. Source: Facebook

Sleep Withinn Bangkok (Soi Rambutri)

Chillax Heritage (Chao Paraya River)

Airport shuttle buses in Bangkok

First of all; Bangkok has 2 different airports. Suvarnabhumi, the new modern airport for mainly intercontinental flights and Don Muang, the old airport mainly for domestic budget flights. A common mistake by travellers is to order a taxi and just say “airport”. The result is that many people end up on the wrong airport. Same counts for bus station. Bangkok doesn’t have a main bus station but around 4 different major bus stations.

Suvarnabhumi airport – Don Muang airport
If you end up on the wrong airport or you need a connecting flight from another airport there is a free of charge shuttle-bus between Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang. The shuttle bus journey time – dependent on Bangkok’s frequent traffic jams – is about one hour. The distance by road is around 45km.

Shuttle bus Suvarnabhumi - Don Mueang

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