Rice terraces in Thailand

Rice terraces are known from countries like Indonesia and the Philippines. Thailand is lesser known for growing rice in terraces on the slopes of hills.

The most famous place with rice terraces in Thailand is Ban Pa Pong Pian บ้านป่าบงเปียง (sometimes spelt as Pa Pong Pieng or Ban Pabongpiang ), Mae Chaem district in Chiang Mai province. It is located in the mountains on the western side of Doi Inthanon national park in the proximity of Chiang Mai city. Rice fields are very beautiful (green) during the rain season. Please be warned that the unpaved roads on the county side may turn in a big muddy and slippery affair. Bringing a vehicle that can handle these though conditions is recommended. Due to it’s remote location it is a great option to experience off-the-beaten path Chiang Mai, and its full natural beauty away from the tourist crowds.

Accommodation in Ban Pa Pong Piang
Due to its remote location in the mountains Pa Pong Piang has limited accommodation options. There are only a few guesthouses to choose from, all offering the same standard of accommodation. This means; a basic room in a bamboo house, simple bedding on the floor, hopefully a mosquito net, no electricity or only limited through solar panels, shared showers etc. Meals are usually provided by the guesthouse.

Most guesthouses only have their name spelled in Thai alphabet. Usually they have a Facebook page instead of their own website. A good way to find out where they are located and what their contact details are is by zooming in on Google maps. This is the link to Pabonpiang viewpoint.

Weerasuk Homestay
วีรศักดิ์ โฮมสเตย์
Google Maps

Le Kor Thi View Homstay
เลข่อทิวิว โฮมสเตย์
Google Maps

Baan Rabiang Na
Google Maps

Mashipo Pabongpieng
มาฉิโพ ป่าบงเปียง
Google Maps

Baan Thay Na
Google Maps

Monna Pabongpiang Homestay
ม่อนนาป่าบงเปียง โฮมสเตย์
Google Maps

Baan Pak Nong Nam Phu (Nong Nam Phu Residence)
Google Maps


More info:
www.gowithampth.com (Thai language)
www.chailaibackpacker.com (Thai language)

List with floating raft house resorts in Khao Sok National Park (Cheow Lan Lake).

There are 15 or 16 different floating house parks on the Cheow Lan Lake in Khao Sok National Park. They function as remote islands on the fresh waters between the lime stone cliffs. Electricity is usually generated by diesel engines and solar panels. Supplies need to be transported by boat. Wi-Fi and mobile phone network are often not available. Many resorts offer their guests only a mattress on the floor instead of a real bed. So don’t expect too much luxury and relative high prices here. But its all worth it.

Phutawan Raft House 2(www.tripadvisor.com)
Capsule shaped floating houses at Phutawan Rafthouse resort. Source: www.tripadvisor.com

The list with floating bungalows aka raft houses are clockwise from the Ratchaprapa dam. Here is a parking area, a souvenir shop, tourist information point and a pier from where most resorts pick up their guests by long tail boat.

Map with the different area’s and all the floating raft house resorts from the Cheow Lan Lake in the Khao Sok National Park. Source: www.khaosoklake.com

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