List with floating raft house resorts in Khao Sok National Park (Cheow Lan Lake).

There are 15 or 16 different floating house parks on the Cheow Lan Lake in Khao Sok National Park. They function as remote islands on the fresh waters between the lime stone cliffs. Electricity is usually generated by diesel engines and solar panels. Supplies need to be transported by boat. Wi-Fi and mobile phone network are often not available. Many resorts offer their guests only a mattress on the floor instead of a real bed. So don’t expect too much luxury and relative high prices here. But its all worth it.

Phutawan Raft House 2(
Capsule shaped floating houses at Phutawan Rafthouse resort. Source:

The list with floating bungalows aka raft houses are clockwise from the Ratchaprapa dam. Here is a parking area, a souvenir shop, tourist information point and a pier from where most resorts pick up their guests by long tail boat.

Map with the different area’s and all the floating raft house resorts from the Cheow Lan Lake in the Khao Sok National Park. Source:

1 Klong Ka

2 Nang Prai

3 Ton Toey
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4 Smiley
Reviews on Tripadvisor
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5 Phupa Waree
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Phupha Waree bed mattress 01
Like many other raft houses the beds of Phupa Waree are simple mattresses on the floor. Source: Facebook

6 Keeree Warin
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7 500 Rai
By far the most luxury and expensive rafthouses on the Cheow Lan lake. Some bungalows even come with a jacuzzi.
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Jaccuzi @500rai floating resort
A jacuzzi next to a fresh water lake. 500 Rai floating resort is by far the most luxury hotel on the Cheow Lan lake. Source: Facebook @500rairesort

8 Krai Son
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9 Prai Wan Rafthouse

Crystal clear water in front of the bungalows from Praiwan Rafthouse. Source:

10 Sai Chol
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11 Plern Prai
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12 Cheow Lan

13 Pan Varee (The Greenery) Resort
Instead of simple huts these houses are multi story wooden houses.
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14 Keeree Thara

15 Phutawan
Basic but very modern resort close to the Ratchaprapa dam (entry point to the lake). The bungalows have a unique shape of a capsule. Also the newly added shower and toilet building has a unique shape with many corners. Free usage of canoes.
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One thought on “List with floating raft house resorts in Khao Sok National Park (Cheow Lan Lake).

  1. Swasdee Kop. Yes, I (we, two) are coming to Kho Sok Park in April “23. There are Numerous accomodations around the Lake and, certainly, we will need a hotel/resort. My thoughts are cluttered as to Actually seeing the limestone karsts; which I have seen to be compared to Halong Bay. Okay, the introduction is finished. Question: it is possible to hire a long-tail, directly, from one of the 14-15 floating resorts on the lake ( no tour )? Kop Khun Kop: mee kwahmsuk


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