Travel coffee makers

If you like to drink a nice fresh cup of coffee you probably also would like to do this when you are travelling. Many hotels will equip the room with a water cooker and some instant coffee. But if you want a more advanced cup of coffee you need to take a look at other devices: Travel Coffee Makers.

This movie about some different portable coffee making devices by Donny Outdoors catches the essence of travel coffee making systems perfect. Make nice coffee wherever you go, relax and enjoy the moment ….. ..  

There is a huge variety in water boiling and coffee brewing equipment. Al trying to let you enjoy your coffee just like it is at home. 

Heating the water
Unless you take a small coffee making machine with you you need to heat up the water first. On a camping it is most likely that you do this by a gas or alcohol burner. A popular example of this is the Swedish Army Trangia Stove. In a hotel room it is easier and safer to heat water with a electrical water boiler. This can be done with a portable immersion water boiling coil or with a small water cooker. A vintage example of a water cooker and drip filter coffee system is the Philips Travel Duo (sold in north America as Norelco Hot Stuff or Norelco Voyager) made during the 80’s. Nowadays you can still buy them on 2nd hand websites like Ebay.

The Swedish Army Trangia alcohol burner (brown) and kettle on a wind shield. Source:
Portable submersible water boiling coil.
Philips Travel Duo 01
The Philips Travel Duo water kettle and filter coffee system. The cups can be folded over the kettle. The cable and black coffee filter can be stored inside the kettle.

Hand grinders
If you prefer freshly grinded coffee beans over pre grinded coffee beans than you need to bring your own small and lightweight device for breaking the whole beans into smaller parts. Examples are the Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder, Hario Mini Mill and the Rhinoware Compact Hand Grinder. A portable coffee making system with a integrated hand grinder is the Cafflano® Klassic. This is a coffee mug with a drip filter and a bean grinder all placed on top of each other.

More about hand grinders on

Cafflano Klassic
The Cafflano Klassic filter coffee system with integrated hand-mill grinder. Source:


Pour over (drip filter)
Although the principle is very simple (a paper filter in a funnel) there are many systems for traveling on the market. Example are the fouldable stainless steel funnel from Snow Peak. GSI Outdoors has the Ultralight Java Drip and the the collapsible silicone Java Drip. The Ortlieb Coffee Filter Holder is very popular in the bicycle community. Ortlieb is well known for their waterproof bicycle panniers made from though rubber. The coffee filter holder is made from a food grade version of this rubber material. There are also special filters that can hang in your coffee cup on the market. A international available example is the Coghlans One Cup Coffee Filter. Another example is the Primula Travel Coffee Brew Buddy. Some Thai coffee brands like Doi Tung and Black Canyon Coffee sell pre packed one cup filters with coffee grounds inside. These can be hanged in a coffee cup by paper wings.

These YouTube movies will give you some advise and tips for pour over coffee brewing.
9 Quick Tips for World’s Best Pour Over Coffee
10 mistakes you may make while making pour over coffee

Drip filter systems Outdoorgearlab
Different drip filter systems. Left to right: Primula Brew Buddy, GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip, and the Hario V60 Source:

Coghlans Coffee Filters

If the filter with coffee grounds touches the water surface it is also suitable for cold brew coffee. Cold brew coffee requires an extreme long contact time between the coffee grounds and water. Best way is to let it stand overnight. An example of a cold and hot brewing system is the Brumi made out of heat resistant glass.

Brumi Pour Over and Cold Brew Coffee system
The Brumi pour over & cold brew system in action. Source:


Portable espresso makers
Espresso is coffee brewed by pressing the water under (high) pressure through a bed with coffee grounds. There are travel coffee making devices that can pump pre heated water through a bed of coffee grounds by hand force. Examples of this are the AeroPress, Minipresso, Cafflano® Kompresso and the Handpresso.

French press systems
A French press is a cylinder with a metal filter that can be pushed down while the coffee grounds are under it. The coffee above the metal filter can be decanted in a coffee mug. Examples specially made for traveling and outdoor usage are; the Impress Coffee Brewer ,the Bodum Travel Press , the Stanley Adventure Cook & Brew and the the Snow Peaks Titanium French Press.

How to use a French-Press coffee maker
User instructions for a French Press coffee maker. Source:

Moka pot (percolator) coffee makers
A moka pot coffee maker (aka percolator) has a water reservoir that is heated by a direct flame of with a electrical heating plate. The heat will create pressure and steam. This drives the hot water through a filter with coffee grounds. This system was invented in 1933 in Italy by Alfonso Bialetti and is still popular today. Every self respecting coffee equipment shop around the world will sell the moka pots from the brand Bialetti. Named after and founded by its inventor. Other examples of percolators designed for outdoor and traveling are the the Stanley Percolator, stainless percolator from Snow Peak and the Percolator Coffee Maker from Mil-Tec. The company Esbit makes outdoor cooking systems and they also have a coffee maker that is almost similar to this principle.

Working principle of a Mokka pot. Source: Wikimedia
Esbit Coffee Maker
The Esbit coffee maker on a portable solid fuel stove. Source:

Vietnamese coffee maker
Last but not least; The Vietnamese Coffee maker. Lightweight, available in stainless steel, and cost almost nothing. It works like a pour over filter system but then with small holes instead of a filter.

Vietnamese coffee maker
Vietnamese coffee maker explained. Source:

More info about how to use a Vietnamese Coffee Maker:

More backgrounds and info: 5 Ultimate Camp Coffee Makers

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