Canteen cup stove

A canteen cup as used by the military is very useful to prepare a meal or boil water for coffee and tea.

A very efficient cooking setup is the Swedish army ”Trangia” system. This is a cooking pot nested in a special designed windscreen. Inside this windscreen is a folding pot stand. The heat source is a alcohol burner. The cooking pot has a cover lid that can also be used as a pan on its own.
The cooking pot stands inside the windscreen. By enclosing the bottom from the pot by the windscreen the heat from the flames is transferred more efficiently into the pot. Also the flames stay inside the windshield instead of going everywhere. It also makes sure that rain and wind have almost no effect on the burner. This windscreen stays around the pot when carried. It acts as a storage container. Big advantage is that the black soot that will be formed on the pot cannot easily be transferred to other equipment and your hands. Alcohol burns relatively clean compared to petrol based liquids. The smell is less and the formation of black soot is also lesser. Alcohol is widely available and you can bring it in a small bottle for a day hike or a big bottle for a multiple days. With gas burners you need to bring a whole canister. If running out of Alcohol you can also burn some wood twigs in this stove.

Swedish Army pan + windshield 01
The Swedish Army cook system with the pan standing inside the windscreen.

A video from Dutch Bushcraft on YouTube demonstrated that the Dutch Army canteen cup can hang on its handles on the side of another canteen cup. And that it is a stable fit.

These two things combined leaded to a ”home made” stainless steel Swedish Army cooking set. But then smaller and lighter.

This setup is made from the following components:

  • The Trangia alcohol burner or Mil-Tec Alcohol burner
  • (Replica) US Army canteen cup
  • Dutch Army canteen cup
  • Aftermarket US Army canteen-cup lid

Alcohol stoves are sold with a variety of diameters and heights. The burners made by Trangia and by Mil-Tec happens to fit exactly (with a little force) inside a (Replica) US Army canteen-cup. These alcohol burners have the same design as the ones that the Swedish army uses but then smaller and much lighter. Since the US Army canteen-cup is slightly bigger than the canteen-cup from the Dutch Army they fit in each other. The shape of both cups is almost identical. The after market cover lid fits exactly on the (Replica) US Arm canteen cup.  The canteen cup lid is al little too wide for the Dutch Army canteen cup. Therefore it will rest loosely on top of the Dutch Army canteen cup. The only modification that needs to be done is drilling a few small holes in the sides of the US Army canteen cup. This allows for air intake. Without these holes the alcohol burner can not burn.

Note 1) When boiling water it is important to keep the lid loosely on the cup. Otherwise pressure might be build up the lid can be blown of !

Note 2) Its very likely that the after market canteen cup lids will only fit on the imitation canteen cup made by the same company. Trying to fit it on a original US GI Canteen cup might be a struggle. Demonstration of the Rothco canteen cup lid.

Note 3) Ethanol is normal alcohol found in alcoholic beverages. Methanol however is highly toxic. This is the stuff that makes people blind after drinking it. So be aware of spirits with a high Methanol percentage.

Other designs
Another approach of a canteen cup stove made out of another canteen cup is a canteen cup with holes in the bottom and turned upside down.

Several armies including the US Army (NSN#8465-01-250-3632) issued canteen cup stands. These were intended to use with solid fuel tablets like Hexamine. Using a alcohol burner in combination withe these canteen cup stands can be difficult. This is because the canteen cup fits tight inside the stand. Therefore it is difficult for hot air to leave the stand and alow for fresh air (oxygen) intake.

US Army Canteen cup stand NSN#8465-01-250-3632
The US Army canteen cup stand in combination wit a Esbit Alcohol burner. Source:

More info
– Review from the Mil-Tec Alcohol burner on YouTube by The Outdoor Gear review.
– Review on YouTube from the Dutch Army canteen cup and comparison with the US Army canteen cup.

Available at

Mil-Tec Alcohol burner

Replica US Army canteen cup

Dutch Army canteen cup

And also in our very own webshop

After market US Army canteen cup lid

Travel coffee makers

If you like to drink a nice fresh cup of coffee you probably also would like to do this when you are travelling. Many hotels will equip the room with a water cooker and some instant coffee. But if you want a more advanced cup of coffee you need to take a look at other devices: Travel Coffee Makers.

This movie about some different portable coffee making devices by Donny Outdoors catches the essence of travel coffee making systems perfect. Make nice coffee wherever you go, relax and enjoy the moment ….. ..  

There is a huge variety in water boiling and coffee brewing equipment. Al trying to let you enjoy your coffee just like it is at home.  Continue reading

Coffee culture in Thailand

Royal Projects
The relatively cool mountains in the north of Thailand (close to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai) are very suitable for coffee and tea production. The royal family launched several projects to support the hill tribes who lived in these mountains. One of the things was the introduction of coffee growing as a replacement for the opium growing. The small coffee farms try to focus on the production of high quality (single estate) coffees rather than big volumes of cheaper blend coffees. Some brands are Doi Tung, Phu kha, Doi Chaang, Nacha Coffee and Akha Ama.

Royal Project Coffee as sold in Royal Project product shops across Thailand. Source:

More info about Thai Royal Projects
Travel review by Mark Wiens: Doi Chaang – How To Visit Thailand’s Coffee Paradise.
Travel report: Coffee Journey: A tour to a remote coffee village in Thailand.

Coffee shops
Coffee shops in Thailand can be found in all sizes and shapes. From simple street vendors to luxury bakeries with a shady garden. One of the biggest Thai coffee shop chains is Black Canyon Coffee. Besides coffee you can also buy food here. When you are exhausted from the heat, look around for a shop with a glass front window and door. This is very often a coffee shop with air conditioning inside ! Sometimes you can also recognize coffee shops by the drying of used coffee powder outside the shop. This is used as a natural skin scrubbing agent. Especially in the smaller streets (sois) this can be seen.

Top 5 Specialty Coffee Shops to Visit in Thailand.
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Picture source: GRAPH CAFÉ in Chiang Mai.

Iced coffee
Iced coffees in Thailand are usually prepared with condensed milk and a lot of sugar. It is so popular that there is even a page about it on Wikipedia. Pailin “Pai” Chongchitnant from shows how you can prepare these coffees by yourself.



Canned and instant coffee from the 7-Eleven supermarket
In every supermarket from 7-Eleven you can buy instant coffee and canned ice coffee. Usually it comes with milk and lots of sugar.

Canned ice coffee. Source: Tripque

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